Classroom Summaries

Infant Room

We are so happy that you have found yourself here. In the YMCA Infant Room, providing a safe, happy, and engaging environment for your baby to grow is our first priority. By utilizing Frog Street Curriculum, we use exploration, play, and language-rich activities to help your child’s physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional development. Our caregivers are equipped with everything they need to foster essential growth and build a strong learning foundation for your infant.

We also believe open communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship with you and your child and that parents are a child’s first and best teachers. The Blair Regional YMCA Infant Room prides itself on building strong connections with our families so your child can continue to grow and learn in their environment. We rely on you to let us know of your child’s preferences, needs, and schedule in order to personalize their development plan and provide them with everything they need to reach each developmental milestone.

Brenda Garver

“For someone to trust me with their most precious treasure…that being their child…is a sacred responsibility. If that child leaves my care feeling safe, nurtured, and happy…I consider that day a success. When they age out of my room and move on with life, each child leaves a piece of themselves in my heart. After 20 years of caring for toddlers, my heart is very full.”

Brenda Garver

21 Years of Service

young Toddler Room

Welcome to the Young Toddler Room. We are an age-appropriate oasis, where your 12-24 month-old will play, learn, and grow in a safe, healthy learning environment. Their day will be filled with activities that will enhance their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development. We achieve this through a combination of both free and structured play, music and movement, reading and exploring books, art experiences, dramatic play, gross motor activities indoor and out, fine motor activities, and interaction with peers and staff.

Our curriculum offers lessons that challenge your toddler with an array of topics, including learning simple American Sign Language. We also explore the world of science by discussing the weather and getting a firsthand look at nature during our outdoor exploration and peeks out our windows. We encourage language skills by reading, singing, and labeling everything they see and touch. The more vocabulary they hear, the more they will learn and begin to say.

Our objective is for us to partner alongside you, so together we can offer your child the experiences needed for them to achieve important milestones. We will record observations and use assessment tools to determine the areas where your child excels, as well as area they may prosper from some extra support. If needed, we welcome outside agencies and incorporate their goals, from their expertise, to ensure that your child succeeds.

Christina Abate

“Encouraging a child means that one or more of the following critical life messages are coming through, either by word or by action: I believe in you, I trust you, I know you can handle this, you are listened to, you are cared for, you are very important to me.”

– Barbara Coloroso

Christina Abate

8 Years of Service

Older Toddler Room

Welcome to the busy Older Toddler Classroom. Our 24-36 month old toddlers will have a rewarding and pleasant experience filled with play, exploration, and development within a safe and healthy environment. By implementing the Frog Street Toddler Curriculum, your toddler will be immersed in a language-rich environment that is focused on setting the foundation for life-long learning. This includes, but is not limited to, providing activities that range from completing physical challenges that aid in building coordination and muscle strength to activities that give your toddler plenty of opportunities to express their creativity, solve problems, and develop curiosity.

We also focus on building trusting relationships with your toddler through a combination of one-on-one instruction as well as small groups. We understand that all children develop at a different rate and our curriculum equips us with adaptations to meet every child’s needs. Our relationship with you also allows us to personalize their development and keep you involved during every step of their journey.

Sheila Adams

"Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is GREAT!"

Sheila Adams

6 Years of Service

Pollywogs Room

The Pollywogs Room is a place your child can learn and grow in a safe and exciting environment. Each day the students are provided opportunities for individual, group, guided, and independent learning. Expert teachers use the Frog Street Threes Curriculum to meet the unique characteristics, needs, and developmental milestones of our 3-5 year olds. We provide intentional instruction in whole group and small group activities to foster growth and promote kindergarten readiness.

Our daily schedule is optimized to make the most of academic learning, play, and social and emotional growth through a well-rounded scope of activities. Your pollywog will learn to share and care, participate in engaging read-alouds, develop their vocabulary, practice writing and fine motor skills, and be introduced to foundational math practices such as patterns, order, and numeration, as well as developing logical and problem-solving skills. Come visit to see how your child can fit into the Pollywog Room.

Ashley Thrower

Ashley Thrower

2 Years of Service

tadpoles room

Welcome to the Tadpole Room! Our goal is to provide a happy, safe, and educational environment for your 3-5 year olds. We encourage children to have fun while learning. Their day will be filled with a combination of structured time, free play, gross motor, and quiet rest time. We implement Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum, which is organized around 9 thematic units integrating literacy, math, science, social studies, social-emotional connections, STEAM, technology, assessment, and family engagement while also focusing on kindergarten readiness skills.

Our educator’s pair intentional instruction with meaningful opportunities for children to engage and interact through hands-on explorations and incorporate letters, shapes, colors, opposites, positional words, rhyming, matching, patterns and more into all of our daily activities. We offer differentiated instruction and adaptations for all of our learners and foster deep connections with our families to keep you involved and engaged in every step of your child’s development.


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

-Dr. Seuss


16 Years of Service

Pre-K counts

The Pre-K Classroom is the last step in your child’s journey before kindergarten. In this classroom, we utilize Frog Street Pre-K Excel Curriculum, which helps our students develop a lifelong love of learning and sets children on a path to success through engaging read-alouds, math and science explorations, playful music and movement, and hands-on learning centers. We will also incorporate varied styles of learning within our classroom and allow your child to develop through play and social interactions as well as structured lessons where they will practice fine motor and cognitive skills to help prepare them for kindergarten.

Helping children recognize and manage their own emotions and learn how to navigate social interactions with others is essential for kindergarten readiness. Children learn to become responsible members of their classroom family and will experience an environment where they feel safe and loved. We are looking forward to helping your child learn new things, explore the world around them, and make new friends in a positive and nurturing way.

Rachel Lockard

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

rachel lockard

2 Years of Service


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

– Albert Einstein


12 Years of Service


“Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.”


2 Years of Service

Before and After School Programs

The Blair Regional YMCA Before and After School Programs are state licensed and take part in the Keystone STARs program. These programs are designed to supplement a child’s learning experience and create a safe, healthy environment. Children are able to participate in interactive learning activities that engage critical thinking skills, receive homework assistance, have a chance to socialize, and form long lasting friendships that will enhance their development, growth and self-confidence.

Our curriculum is based on a program model that focuses on learning enhancement, health and recreation, and building competence and confidence in children. By incorporating all these elements, we hope to fulfill the YMCA mission statement:

We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families and Strong Communities


"I call my students "my kids" because in our time together, they aren't just kids in our program They become a part of my heart and a part of our Y family."


22 Years of Service

Frankstown – BRY Early Learning Center


"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn."

-Benjamin Franklin

sheila meyers

14 Years of Service

Foot of Ten – Hicks United Methodist Church


"Every child you pass in the hall has a story that needs to be heard. Maybe you are the one meant to hear it."

-Bethany Hill


4 Years of Service

CW Longer – BRY Dysart Center