TigerSharks Swim Team


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The TigerSharks swim team is a structured, competitive program that competes against other local, regional and state YMCA’s. This traditionally strong program provides individualized coaching through disciplined water and land workouts. We expect that all of our swimmers participate and wear team uniforms (team suit and team cap) in all of our league meets and invitational’s. Swim meets are run by the Swim Team Parents Organization and we rely on and expect all of our families to volunteer their time to run meets and encourage our swimmers to participate in our fundraising activities.

TRY THE TEAM *new participants only
Session: September 16-27
Cost: $50
If you choose to join the team your $50.00 will be credited towards your fees.

Session begins: New swimmers, September 16; Returning swimmers, September 18
Cost: 8 & Under       9-18 years       High School
          $350.00          $400.00           $180.00
The Short Course Season runs from Mid-September through March.

Session begins:September 3
Cost: 18 & Under        High School
           $615.00            $465.00
Maximum of 10 payments paid in full by June 26,2020.
Fee includes Short Course, Long Course, Dry Land and USA fees.
We practice each month except April and August.

NOTES: All team athletes must be YMCA members. There is a 10% sibling discount. The highest rate will be charged first. If you wish to participate in USA Swimming outside of the Year Round program you will be invoiced the USA Swimming fee separately. All swimmers must wear the team suit and cap at all meets. All programs must be paid in full as there are no refunds or cancellations. Credits for certain circumstances are at the discretion of the Director of Aquatics. All late payments are subject to a late fee. Team Accounts that fall into arears more than 60 days will be subject to suspension unless arraignments have been made with the Director of Competitive Swimming. High School requires swimmer participation in all league mandatory meets and all championship meets in which the swimmer has qualified for. No child will be denied participation on our team, if assistance is needed, simply discuss scholarship opportunities with the Director of Competitive Swimming.